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Performed Pegasus Theatre Oxford
Commissioned by Southern Arts

Six women, of differing ages & nationalities perform in a darkened theatre with torches, hand-held mirrors and an 8 foot high fountain of water.
The performers, sited amongst the audience, sing to themselves as they peer at themselves in their mirrors. Each sings or murmurs a personally chosen rhyme resonant of their own experience of mothering or of being mothered.Each uses her own mother tongue.
The performers exchange sounds and light as the focus of attention moves to the stage area and pools of light & water.
The piece ends with the mirrors being dropped into a pool of water on stage. As the performers leave the stage the piece becomes silent.
Seconds later bursts an ornate, lit fountain, 8 feet of cascading water.
It is a spatial conclusion affirming the power of continuous becoming & continuous loss.

Duration 30 minutes
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