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Performed Museum of Modern Art Oxford & The Serpentine Gallery London

A mother & daughter face each other & attempt through repetitive gesture to communicate across a sea of
objects. The objects, 100 dinner plates, act as sign of the domestic world, often inhabited by women & refers to the
endless repetition of their touch and presence within it.
Each plate holds a heart shaped piece of ice which is frozen writing ink.

These objects act as  barrier between them & yet hold them united. The work explores the signs and
language of contact & alienation. It refers to the unspoken association and devotion of mother & daughter, one to another.

The gestures made, intimate & personal to each, act as semaphores of identity & age whilst emphasising the distance between them. Their shared humanity is obscured by their inability to communicate. The work moves through a series of disjointed emotional postures to an understanding of their common tongue but the frailty of it’s expression.
The frozen writing ink hearts melt throughout the piece.

Performed by Mary Robinson and Emma Puddy.

Duration 1 hour 30 minutes

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