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Statement by the artist :



“Two of the works shown in this category, VOW and REFLECTION, were conceived, made and installed in churches, sacred spaces. On each occasion this was both a gift and also very problematic.


It felt a privilege to be able to make an artistic response in a spiritual place but also a big challenge to do so in a way that both responded to and added something to the space. The powerful architecture and sense of ongoing prayer was strong and it took a great deal of time in both spaces, thinking, reflecting and drawing, to begin to get close to knowing if I could do anything at all in the space. How to add anything at all seemed audacious and irrelevant at the outset of each project. I feel that both times I did eventually make a work that for a short time existed as a moving and beautiful offering in an already evocative space.

Whilst researching and making these works I developed interests in church architecture, stained glass and in how artists make art in sacred spaces. I plan to seek other opportunities to make work in holy spaces and in other cultures."


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