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Made for the exhibition 'They Came to See' at the Hooglandse Kerk, Leiden, Netherlands. 12 - 29 July 2006

The image is made for the mobile phone and also to be worn, and was used as part of the performance series 'Giften'that the artist performed in Leiden 12 - 15 July 2006.

The title 'LUTE/LUIT' references the use of the lute in 17th century Dutch painting as symbolic of sex. 'Luit' as well as being the Flemish word for lute, also means vagina. This graphic, as worn by the artist in performances 'GIFTEN' 2006 and 'TAGS' 2007, can be seen as both signal of female sexuality and desire, or conversely as a contemporary working of the fig-leaf, attempting to hide the sex from the gaze of the viewer.
It is proposed also that it act as icon, logo or 'brand' identity for the artist.

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