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Solo performance, Leiden Netherlands  

The artist was invited, as part of the celebration events for the 400th birthday of Rembrandt,  to exhibit in the exhibition ‘They Came to See’ at the Hooglandse Kerk, Leiden Netherlands in July 2006.    

As well as exhibiting photographs and prints in the gallery, she made two new performance works, for the first time performing solo.

GIFTEN took the artist out into the streets of the city. Wearing a pink ‘fig-leaf’ image LUTE/LUIT, pinned to her she walked the streets of the city singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Rembrandt – this took place on Rembrandt’s 400th birthday.

With her mobile phone she searched for other phones that were Bluetooth enabled and then invited the owners to receive mages from her phone e.g. LUTE/LUIT, BATHSHEBA and DAVID.

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