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TAGS Version 1

Performed at FRESHFEST, South Street Reading Sat 28th April 2007.

Using the disembodying language of the internet and mobile phone adult industry, artist Clare Carswell invited the audience to participate in a performance work that was intimate, explicit and challenging.

Moving amongst the audience in the cafe she invited them to receive a picture from her mobile phone to theirs. The pictures transmitted combine drawing, text and photography and are beautiful but explicit in nature. These images were filed and described by 'Tags', the disembodying language of the adult industry and were used by the artist when interacting with the audience.

The work affirms the powerful but often secretive nature of female sexuality and desire. It challenges the limited nature of language designated to describe it and of societal attitudes to sexual desire in women especially in older women.

Unlike previous performed works by the artist which have only ever been performed once, this is a work made to be repeated and re-worked in a variety of environments and for differing audiences. The artist anticipates that she will modify it and assume other persona each time she performs it. By doing this she anticipates that it will alter her interaction with an audience and generate contrasting responses from them.

She is seeking the opportunity to perform TAGS Version 2.

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