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MINE is a durational solo performance work that uses interaction with the audience to explore memory, loss and our innate human need to remember.

The work was made during a four day collaboration, METRON, with artist Alun Ward who showed a video and sound installation RUN.

METRON Days One and Two. Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th May 2007.
The artist performed MINE over a period of six hours on each of Days One and Two. MINE is an evocative and beautiful performed work consisting of a series of repetitive actions - crushing fresh rosemary in a stone pestle and mortar. Other objects used in the work are rooted in her own memories. The piece aims to invoke ideas of remembrance through interaction with the audience and by scenting the space with the smell of crushed rosemary, symbol of remembrance. The actions and the sounds they produce are made in rhythm to the sounds of foot-fall on the audio-track of RUN, a video installation by artist Alun Ward.

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