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A small selection of drawings, often made when I am between projects and rarely if ever shown.


The drawings reveal something of the hidden aspects of my practice and my thinking processes. Sometimes inclining to the illustrative, they can connect with themes I am preoccupied with in other areas of my work. For example the 'Sh' series of 2000 and 2001, announced a new theme emerging in my work whereby I began to explore and question the language available culturally to express or allude to the libidinous female.

Other drawings are rapidly made and reveal graphic and even painterly qualities that appear as strong and vibrant. These for me echo the pleasure of mark making that I have relished since childhood. It is hard for me to articulate their meaning for I often don't know if they have any beyond their materiality. They are sometimes untitled for this reason, or at least exist in batches that are connected by a header title.

Alongside writing, I regard them as part of an armature that underpins my work. They are made in spells between other works and generally in series.

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