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In the ongoing project ART PLOT Clare is producing for the first time in her career, art as commodity and using art production as generator of income. The artist makes acts of exploration into how possible it is to turn an established but non saleable art practice into a business with no real know how and no investment; the challenges she faces as she does so, the new skills she has to acquire & the decisions she makes that underpin the emergence of a different type of art.

She aims to test the feasibility of making art and income from nothing by turning her wide ranging art skills to producing saleable art. Beginning by looking no further than outside her studio windows she made prints and drawings of the weeds and wild flowers in the garden plot directly outside her Cotswold studio windows. This early stage of production led to sales and requests for other items, such as ceramics and textiles featuring the artist's drawings and Clare aims to produce such items in the summer of 2017.

Her need, as for all artists is to make a living and preferably through art related activity and her relationship with her own creativity and with the garden plot which is the source for this new productivity is at the core of ART-PLOT. 



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