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'Keeper' took place in the streets of Charlbury in Oxfordshire and was part of the Festal Favours programme of performance and installation art for the Charlbury Festival. 'Keeper' was a performance work that was integrated into another event, a tour of the lost shopfronts in the town by historic buildings consultant Jody O' Reilly. I worked with Jody prior to the event so I knew the buildings she was to speak about. She was enthusiastic about my adding a visual art element to her event and to proposing an alternative way of experiencing history. 

My work was a conversational style immersion where I joined the walk and shared drawn images of items the shops would have sold with people on the walk. I invited people to pin labels of them onto me and to write on a shopping list that I wore. 
Here I am with a resident who lives in a house that was one of two butchers, she has just hung a drawing of a sausage on her front door ! 
At the end of the walk I changed persona to performer and related to the folk on the walk as audience as I danced to 'Hey Big Spender'.

From feedback I have had people were quizzical at the outset but enjoyed my cheerful and colourful presence in the event and appreciated the visual art contribution.

Thanks to
 Stu Allsopp for photos


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