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FLUSH was a short performance work interspersed into a break between lessons on a residential writing course with 'A Chapter Away' in Miradoux, Gascony France, May 2017.

The artist invited course attendees and tutors to write on pieces of lavatory paper anyting that they would like to see removed from the world.

These were gathered into a basket and the audience then followed Clare up to a large bathroom where they picked out the papers and flushed them away. 

At the end of the flushing the artist disco danced in the bathroom to Neil Sedaka 'Breaking Up is Hard to Do'. Those who wished to also danced.

This was a sympathetic environment in which to make such an intervention and people enjoyed watching and taking part in the work.

With thanks to course leader Tracey Warr and Karen Ann Pegg from A Chapter Away for permission to make this work.

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