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 'Fáilte' was a two part performance work made for ELASTIC at Oxford Brookes University, curated by Veronica Cordova de la Rosa and Peta Lloyd in May 2017.

The work is titled 'Fáilte' which means Welcome in Irish Gaelic, and references the tongue spoken by the artist's ancestors and still by some of her family in Ireland, but not by herself or her family in England. This work was informed by a familial experience of migration and an experience of homelessness, of not having somewhere to make a garden of one's own and the necessity of making the beautiful in temporary spaces. It knowingly shared the process of making with the audience and engaged them in acts of help and kindness to the artist as she made a temporary garden space.

The work began in Charlbury when the artist invited members of the public to photograph her as she drew tulips in chalk on the railway station platfrom and on the pavement as she travelled from Charlbury to the university in Oxford. Everyone that she asked for help gave it to her and all gave her permission to be photographed and for them to be included in the documentation of the piece. The artist carried all her drawing materials and props for the performance in a clear plastic sack so that the component parts of the work were also visible. When the bag began to split she asked for help and was photographed as she repaired it with tape. 

Once at Oxford Brookes the nature of the engagement with others changed as the audience were largely other artists or an art aware audience. Clare enlisted the help of others to put on various hand painted items including a hat and stole and then drew a large floral chalk lawn and painted herself into it. She ended the work by inviting audience onto her chalk lawn with her to sing "Oh Danny Boy", a nostalgic Irish song that is loved the world over.

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